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Post  Life on Sat Apr 24, 2010 3:11 pm

1. Have fun!

2. Respect everyone, also for the noobs /beginners and especially for the members!

3. Walljumping to finish a map or get the objective is not allowed, this would lead to a splat

4. Spawnkilling is not allowed with heavy weapons .

5. Don't ask to many times for admin. No = No asking will get u a warning and if u dont stop u can get 2 level demotion.

7. English in the main chat. If you want to use other languages you have to do it in an private message(this in console): /m [name/player] [message]

8. Don't abuse your comment. And don't try new comments out.

9. Don't use bad language.

10. Follow the rules!

11. If someone is using offensive language you are allowed to me him. if someone is muted , dont unmute him in 1 minute!
Also you can mute if someone is abusing (throw spam or other abusing commands)

12. How to write your name? You need to write your ETX name in brackets [( and )]. ETX in the brackets should be white but the colour of the brackets can be of your choice: you can use your colour for your name so if you want .

13. Please informate us if you are going to be inactive and tell the reason.

If you dont tell us:

10 days inactive without letting us know = inactive mode

when you come back, with a good reason you will be back as normal member level

14 days inactive without letting us know = kicked
when you come back, with a good reason you will be back with 2 levels lower

30 or more days inactive = kicked
when you come back, you have to play first 2 weeks in the server and then make an apply again.[/color]

14. How to recruit? If someone wants to join set him try out and tell him/her to go to our forum and make an apply
then let him read the questions in the Join Rules . when hes good enough or allowed to join our clan. Then let him for some days try out (how long you can see in the join rules), when the days are passed set him member level

15. yet again i say be active alot in the server and forums and no asking for the levels

16: follow strictly the above rules

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